Of Stories Honorably Mentioned

This afternoon I received a notice that the story I submitted for the Q1 2011 Writers of the Future contest got an Honorable Mention. Yay! The story in question is titled Family Tree, and I documented my struggles writing it back in December, in a blog titled On Endings. So I’m pleased to see that it got some recognition. Obviously, I would have been even more pleased if it had won, but, baby steps, people… baby steps.

Now I can try to sell it to a magazine. I’m optimistic that this story may end up being my first professional sale, although said optimism will probably soon get buried under rejection notices. But for now, there is hope.

Meanwhile, I submitted another story to the Q2 Writers of the Future Contest, one which I’ve struggled with even more. So if struggle = success, this one will definitely be a semi-finalist, at least.

And thus the cycle continues. Time to start working on my Q3 entry.