Of Stories Edited and Published

Issue Nineteen of Jersey Devil Press is out, and I have a story in it! Woo hoo! Read the issue here.

For the past few weeks I’ve been struggling to overcome a case of Editor’s Block. I have three major projects going on right now, and they’re all in the editing stage. Normally I like editing, but for some reason I’ve had trouble getting up to the motivation to buckle down and work on them. This is bad, since one of those stories I’m planning to submit for the Writers of the Future contest at the end of the month. I’ve gotten some excellent feedback on it from beta readers, I just have to finish incorporating said feedback into the draft.

Meanwhile, on my novel, I’m trying to retroactively construct an outline from what I’ve written, since what I’ve written diverges quite a bit from my original outline (oops). Also, my original outline left out large chunks that I now realize are needed– hopefully by doing this, I’ll have a roadmap of what I need to finish the first draft, which I’d still like to do by the time the World Science Fiction Convention rolls around in August.

Time to get cracking.