Story up at Lakeside Circus (and Happy New Year!)

A couple months ago, I announced that I had sold a story to Lakeside Circus. That story is available on their website now, and can be read here: Natalie

I’ll have a New Year’s post coming in the next few days, and possibly a recap of my month-long December trip to the East Coast as well. It was a fun trip, and 2014 is looking exceptionally promising. In the meantime, hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year!

A Few Notes on Published Stories

Best Regards, Waylines Magazine

Waylines Magazine is holding a Reader’s Choice Poll for Best Story of the Year, and Best Regards, which was published earlier this month, is in the running. If you read my story and enjoyed it, please consider dropping by to cast your vote.

Natalie, Lakeside Circus

Issue One of Lakeside Circus is out, which contains my science fiction short story Natalie. The only way to read it at the moment is to subscribe, but over the next couple months the stories will gradually be released to the website one at a time. I don’t know yet when Natalie will be available on the web, but I’ll let you know when it’s up.

And that’s about it for now. Sometime soon I’ll post a more substantial blog entry; on Wednesday I’ll be heading back to the East Coast for a few weeks to see friends and family, and needless to say I am very much looking forward to that.

I hope everyone had a great and delicious Thanksgiving!

New Story Up at Waylines!

Issue 6 of Waylines Magazine is out, and I’m pleased to announce that I have a story in it! The title is Best Regards, and it’s more than a little bit inspired by the day job I’ve held the past couple of years. For anyone who’s ever worked in I.T. (particularly Support of any kind), this one’s for you.

There’s also an interview with me and the other Issue 6 authors, so check that out as well. The interview only contains about half of what they asked me; I believe the rest will be in the digital download edition, available November 30. But you can read the story and a good portion of the interview right now at the Waylines website. Check it out here.

Anthology Release Day!

The anthology After Death…, which contains my story Someone to Remember, is now available in print at Barnes & Noble (link) and Amazon (link). Huzzah!

On a personal note, it’s rather ironic my first story to be published since Mom passed away is in an anthology titled After Death…. When I wrote and submitted the story last summer I was in a much different position; Mom’s chemotherapy was on my mind, but it certainly hadn’t sunk in to me we’d be, well, here.

Would the story be different if I’d been through then what I’ve been through now? It’s tough to say. Almost certainly I would have wrote a different story, but that’s just a given. We are inevitably molded and changed by experience. But I’m very proud of the story I wrote, and even more proud that it’s the leadoff story in the anthology, sitting right at the top of the Table of Contents!

Being an anthology of dark fiction, it’s not the happiest story in the world, but nor is it the saddest. In that way, the protagonist’s experiences in the afterlife are much like those in life– it’s not so much what happens that determines your happiness, as how you deal with it.

If you do buy the book and enjoy it, please leave a review, or at least a rating, on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Goodreads. Lots of reviews can have a big impact on the commercial success of a book, and even though I’m paid an upfront fee instead of royalties, I certainly hope Dark Moon Books and my editor, Eric J. Guignard, will be able to continue doing what they do. (This is Eric’s second anthology that I’ve been in, after Dark Tales of Lost Civilizations).

In the meantime, this story is dedicated to my Mom, though I hope if there is an afterlife, it is a more cheerful place than what’s portrayed here.

“Flush Fiction” Now Available

I just found out that Flush Fiction is on sale starting today. The latest addition to the Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader series of books, it’s an anthology of short stories designed to be read in one “sitting,” as it were: each story is less than 1,000 words. And I have a story in it called The Taste of Failure. It’s silly science fiction, which is about as different from my last story, The Talisman of Hatra, as you can possibly get. But hey, diversity’s a good thing, right?

Flush Fiction is for sale at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Powell’s, and hopefully your local indie bookstores as well.

“Dark Tales of Lost Civilizations” Now Available

The anthology “Dark Tales of Lost Civilizations,” with my story The Talisman of Hatra, is now on sale at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. It’s the first time one of my stories is available in a print book, so needless to say I’m rather excited.

Other authors in the anthology include Joe R. Lansdale, award-winning author of numerous novels and screenplays, as well as my friend and fellow Wordslinger Folly Blaine. I can’t wait to get my contributor’s copy so I can read everyone else’s stories, too.

*does a happy dance*

Of Stories Edited and Published

Issue Nineteen of Jersey Devil Press is out, and I have a story in it! Woo hoo! Read the issue here.

For the past few weeks I’ve been struggling to overcome a case of Editor’s Block. I have three major projects going on right now, and they’re all in the editing stage. Normally I like editing, but for some reason I’ve had trouble getting up to the motivation to buckle down and work on them. This is bad, since one of those stories I’m planning to submit for the Writers of the Future contest at the end of the month. I’ve gotten some excellent feedback on it from beta readers, I just have to finish incorporating said feedback into the draft.

Meanwhile, on my novel, I’m trying to retroactively construct an outline from what I’ve written, since what I’ve written diverges quite a bit from my original outline (oops). Also, my original outline left out large chunks that I now realize are needed– hopefully by doing this, I’ll have a roadmap of what I need to finish the first draft, which I’d still like to do by the time the World Science Fiction Convention rolls around in August.

Time to get cracking.

Story Up at Every Day Fiction

March 8th continues to be an auspicious day for me. In 2004, it was the date I embarked on an Appalachian Trail thru-hike. One year ago, on March 8, 2010, I wrote a post on that, and began hinting at what eventually became last year’s big adventure: a move from North Carolina to Seattle.

Appropriate then, that March 8th is the day my first “published” story appears. The title is From Here to the Sargasso, and it’s viewable over at Every Day Fiction. Go check it out.

From Here to the Sargasso is a slightly-fictionalized account of an encounter that really did happen, on New Smyrna Beach, in August of 2006. Charlie really is my brother, he really did go to L.A., and now he’s on Broadway, performing alongside Daniel Radcliffe and John Larroquette in the musical How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. Here’s his website.

Freddy the Sea Turtle, to my knowledge, does not have a website, but if anyone finds one, let me know. It would be nice to know he’s doing all right.