Coming this April…

This evening I noticed that I had received an e-mail from Eirik Gumeny, the editor at Jersey Devil Press. Jersey Devil Press is a small independent publisher which publishes a monthly magazine of short stories, and a dead-tree anthology once a year. The e-mail was not unexpected; I had sent them one of my short stories, titled Armageddon’s Jester, a couple of weeks ago.

So when I saw the e-mail the first question that popped in my head was, “Hey, I got a response. I wonder if it’s a form rejection or a personalized rejection. Boy, I hope it’s personalized.” (Non-writers out there may never understand this mentality.)

So I opened the e-mail. “Thanks for the submission,” it started.

Meh, okay, sounds like a form rejection.

“We’d love to publish ‘Armageddon’s Jester’ in the April issue…”

Hey, I thought. This isn’t a rejection at all! It’s an acceptance! Woot! My first story acceptance!

To be honest, I hadn’t been too optimistic about finding a home for Armageddon’s Jester. It’s kind of an odd story which doesn’t really fit into a category. Luckily, on the “About Us” page, Jersey Devil Press says, We want the stories that don’t fit into the traditional definitions of speculative fiction or literature. We want funny and we want ‘What the fuck was that?’

So apparently Armageddon’s Jester was weird enough for them, which makes me happy. I’ll link to the story when it goes live on their website– probably around late March.