Obligatory Intro Goes Here

Welcome to Off the Written Path, my little foray into the world of blogging… my own little clot in the Intertubes, as it were.  I suppose a few words of introduction are in order (although let’s be honest– if you’ve gotten here and this is the top post, chances are you know me personally.)

My name, as more astute readers may already know, is Andrew, although I also answer to Drew, Andy, and Hey Come Here for a Minute.  I’m an aspiring writer, an occasional international traveller, a computer nerd, an outdoorsman, a lousy cook, a skeptic, a believer, a gamer, an introvert, a frisbee player, a pinko liberal, and now, a blogger.  If a few of those things seem contradictory, well, you’re catching on.

Over time, this blog will touch on a lot of things, but the primary focus will be my writing, my love of storytelling (and story-listening, and story-reading, and story-watching… let’s face it, stories come in a lot of mediums), and my travelling.  Because all of these come from the same ultimate source: a desire to learn about, experience, and understand the world.  (Hence the tagline.)

So welcome, and pardon the dust.  I’m still moving in.