“Flush Fiction” Now Available

I just found out that Flush Fiction is on sale starting today. The latest addition to the Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader series of books, it’s an anthology of short stories designed to be read in one “sitting,” as it were: each story is less than 1,000 words. And I have a story in it called The Taste of Failure. It’s silly science fiction, which is about as different from my last story, The Talisman of Hatra, as you can possibly get. But hey, diversity’s a good thing, right?

Flush Fiction is for sale at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Powell’s, and hopefully your local indie bookstores as well.

“Dark Tales of Lost Civilizations” Now Available

The anthology “Dark Tales of Lost Civilizations,” with my story The Talisman of Hatra, is now on sale at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. It’s the first time one of my stories is available in a print book, so needless to say I’m rather excited.

Other authors in the anthology include Joe R. Lansdale, award-winning author of numerous novels and screenplays, as well as my friend and fellow Wordslinger Folly Blaine. I can’t wait to get my contributor’s copy so I can read everyone else’s stories, too.

*does a happy dance*