My name is Andrew S. Williams, and I’m a writer of speculative fiction, travelogue, and whatever other randomness pops into my head. In my spare time I’m a photographer, an explorer, a hypnotherapist, and a software developer.

I started this blog to track my journey as a writer; to have somewhere to post travel reports and photos; to provide another outlet for my flighty little muse (just what it needs, I’m sure); and to explore the connections between travel, writing, and storytelling. Because my passion for all of those is motivated by the same thing: a belief in the power of stories, of their power to bring people together and to improve our understanding of the world. (I may be a cynical geek, but I’m also an idealist.)

I’ll be exploring those ideas on the blog, as well as posting story excerpts, novel updates, travel journals, convention reports, critiques, photo essays, and breakdowns of storytelling techniques.

All suggestions and constructive criticism welcome. As for complaints, I’ll forward them on to my muse, but she probably won’t listen.