And Now, Time For Something Different

So, a few days ago I gave notice at my job. My last day of work is November 15th.

I’ve been working in I.T. for almost nine years now, and I’ve enjoyed most of my time at the places I’ve worked, but I feel like it’s time to take a break for a while. Maybe even for good. Between my own savings and a portion of my Mom’s estate, I find myself in a position where I have enough resources to spend most of 2014 working full-time on projects of my own. And I hope, by the end of that period, I’ll be making a sustainable income.

That’s the plan, anyway. It’s still open to adjustment. And I’ve got some traveling to do first; I plan to spend December back on the East Coast. I’ll see my Mom’s completed columbarium for the first time (the engraved stone wasn’t finished at the time of the memorial service) and spend some time with old friends, then travel down to Florida and spend the holiday season with family. I kind of feel like I’ve been working with my head down ever since I got back from Mom’s funeral in March, so in December I plan to take my first real vacation in a while.

In 2014 I may do some more traveling, too. I haven’t taken an international trip since my 2010 trip to Europe. But we’ll see.

As for what projects I’ll be working in 2014, well, of course I’ll be writing. I have two novels I want to write, so if nothing else, by the end of this “freelance” period I hope to have a couple stories to shop around. I have a separate non-fiction endeavour I’d like to finish and publish on my own, so this will also give me an opportunity to work on that, and test the waters of of self-publishing.

In the meantime, I’ll also be working to expand my photography, doing photoshoots and events, selling prints, and getting a business running.

I’m also planning to start a hypnotherapy practice. Those of you who follow my blog will know that hypnosis has long been an interest of mine, and I’ve even blogged about the relationship between hypnosis and writing. I’ve been a certified hypnotherapist in Washington state for over a year, and I’ve already started planning what it will take to finally put that into practice.

This is a big list which has the potential to keep me very busy, even if I’m working on it full-time. And the opportunity to spend some serious, long-term time working on dreams of your own isn’t one that comes around very often, so I very much feel like this is an opportunity knocking on my door, and a day/month/year demanding to be seized.

This site will still primarily be about my writing, but as other big news happens (like as I get my other businesses and their websites running), I’ll likely post about it here. After all, this blog is ultimately about my own personal journey, and this is certainly part of that.

I feel like I’m embarking on the biggest change of my life since 2010, when I stuffed everything I could fit into my Hyundai Elantra and drove to Seattle. This next change I’m hoping will be a little more focused and goal-oriented than that one, but it’s one I’m very much looking forward to.

3 thoughts on “And Now, Time For Something Different

  1. Best of luck in the endeavor! Depending on when you are around, I still have a few days of vacation to burn here; you could be evil and crash your semi-nephew’s 1st birthday ;).
    Seriously, though, best of luck in taking this leap; may it find you prospering and satisfied.

  2. Congratulations and best of luck! I mostly lurk here without commenting, but I’ve really been enjoying your posts.
    I live in south Florida, in exile from Seattle. If you’d be up for lunch with a lurker while you’re in the area, let me know!

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