Anthology Release Day!

The anthology After Death…, which contains my story Someone to Remember, is now available in print at Barnes & Noble (link) and Amazon (link). Huzzah!

On a personal note, it’s rather ironic my first story to be published since Mom passed away is in an anthology titled After Death…. When I wrote and submitted the story last summer I was in a much different position; Mom’s chemotherapy was on my mind, but it certainly hadn’t sunk in to me we’d be, well, here.

Would the story be different if I’d been through then what I’ve been through now? It’s tough to say. Almost certainly I would have wrote a different story, but that’s just a given. We are inevitably molded and changed by experience. But I’m very proud of the story I wrote, and even more proud that it’s the leadoff story in the anthology, sitting right at the top of the Table of Contents!

Being an anthology of dark fiction, it’s not the happiest story in the world, but nor is it the saddest. In that way, the protagonist’s experiences in the afterlife are much like those in life– it’s not so much what happens that determines your happiness, as how you deal with it.

If you do buy the book and enjoy it, please leave a review, or at least a rating, on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Goodreads. Lots of reviews can have a big impact on the commercial success of a book, and even though I’m paid an upfront fee instead of royalties, I certainly hope Dark Moon Books and my editor, Eric J. Guignard, will be able to continue doing what they do. (This is Eric’s second anthology that I’ve been in, after Dark Tales of Lost Civilizations).

In the meantime, this story is dedicated to my Mom, though I hope if there is an afterlife, it is a more cheerful place than what’s portrayed here.