Quick Update: Story Sale!

I’ll post a more substantial life-related update in a few days, but for now, I just wanted to say, YAY! I’ve known for a couple of months, but now it’s official: in April, one of my stories will be appearing in an anthology of flash fiction. The name of it is Flush Fiction, and it’ll be published by Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader– a collection of stories to be read in one “sitting,” as it were. My own little contribution will be a 700-word science fiction piece titled The Taste of Failure.

Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader has long been a fixture in the humor section of major retail bookstores. So sure, it may not be the most prestigious of literary magazines, but I’m still pretty awesomely happy about it. Heck, it means there’s a chance I could walk into any given Barnes and Noble and see one of my stories! It makes me kind of giddy.

This also counts as my first professional sale, as defined by the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America. Joining SFWA has been a goal of mine ever since I started writing seriously. And while Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader isn’t explicitly listed as a qualifying market (strange, that), the story is science fiction, and the pay rate and the market do meet the qualification guidelines.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to apply yet. For one, if they do accept my application, then whenever I go to a SFWA event, every time someone asks where I’m published, I’ll have to answer, “Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader!” This will either be sort of embarrassing or kind of cool. Or both. Either way, I’m willing to bet it’s a pretty unique first pro sale. (Insert “crappy fiction” joke here.)

More news later, including a report on my first week of working the night shift at the “day job”, and an answer to the question of whether the Calvin Method of Writing paid off for my latest short story (spoiler: No).

Ciao for niao!

3 thoughts on “Quick Update: Story Sale!

  1. Congratulations! I’m very happy for you. A professional sale is what we’re all working toward. A diverse readership is even better. 🙂

  2. Congratulations!

    I say if you’re proud of the writing, no need to be embarrassed at all. Don’t many of life’s most important events exist in the interstice between “sort of embarrassing” and “kind of cool” anyway? “Uncle John’s…” would be a conversation starter.

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