MyNoWriMo 20-Day Status Report

As of last night, here’s where my word count this month stood:

Starting Word Count: 91,484
Current Word Count: 116,936
Words Written: 25,452

Keen-eyed observers may note that in the past ten days, my word count has only clocked up by about 7,000 words, which is well below the 2000-a-day pace I was hoping to set. And it’s true; the last ten days of MyNoWriMo have not been nearly as productive as the first ten. To an extent, it’s felt like standing on the beach and taking a running start into the ocean: at first you’re skimming along easily, then the water gets deeper and you slow down, then you start to trip, barely keeping your balance, and finally you fall down face-first into the waves.

During NaNoWriMo last year, I stalled on the novel partly because I wasn’t sure how the two main protagonists would end up falling in love. When I began MyNoWriMo this month, one of the first things I did was confront that problem head-on, and I actually ended up writing a scene I really liked in which the protagonists were able to acknowledge their feelings for each other.

Now I’ve run into a similar situation in which I’m having difficulty setting up the reveal of information to allow the characters to proceed from Act 2 of the story into Act 3 and the Climax. I’ve written a few scenes which I’m pretty pleased with, but haven’t quite gotten where I need to get to– I think I just have to do what I didn’t do during NaNoWriMo, and power my way through it with discovery writing. Even if I what I end up with doesn’t work, hopefully I can revise it into something that DOES work in the second draft.

In the meantime, there have been other distractions as well. I went on a tear through the last five Dresden Files novels, getting through all of them in about two weeks. And there’s been a batch of sunny weather, which has led to long reading sessions lying outside in the grass, and sightseeing excursions during what is ostensibly supposed to be writing time. But for weather and views like this, it’s totally worth it.

3 thoughts on “MyNoWriMo 20-Day Status Report

  1. Oh, I love the Dresden Files books. They were almost guaranteed to be one of those books where I go “What? It’s 4 am already?”.
    I can’t wait for the next one to come out this summer. His other series is pretty good too.

    • Yeah, they’re definitely hard to put down. Especially in the later books, he does a great job of dragging Harry and the other characters through the fire. The situation just gets worse and worse, with enemies and plot points from previous books (which the reader may very well have forgotten) showing up to complicate things, until finally Harry manages to tie things together into a resolution.

      Since one of the things I’ve been having trouble with is the reveal of information, and overall plotting structure, I’ve sort of been hoping to learn something from Jim Butcher in that regard. He is, undoubtedly, very good at it, and I’m definitely planning to read his fantasy series as well.

  2. Muahahahah!

    May the Dresden consume you! (Don’t forget; the new book comes out in July, but early chapters are being posted this and next month…

    For a different take on his writing process, check out his Codex Alera; very different vibe there.

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