Of Stories Honorably Mentioned

This afternoon I received a notice that the story I submitted for the Q1 2011 Writers of the Future contest got an Honorable Mention. Yay! The story in question is titled Family Tree, and I documented my struggles writing it back in December, in a blog titled On Endings. So I’m pleased to see that it got some recognition. Obviously, I would have been even more pleased if it had won, but, baby steps, people… baby steps.

Now I can try to sell it to a magazine. I’m optimistic that this story may end up being my first professional sale, although said optimism will probably soon get buried under rejection notices. But for now, there is hope.

Meanwhile, I submitted another story to the Q2 Writers of the Future Contest, one which I’ve struggled with even more. So if struggle = success, this one will definitely be a semi-finalist, at least.

And thus the cycle continues. Time to start working on my Q3 entry.

2 thoughts on “Of Stories Honorably Mentioned

  1. Hey —

    So this is sort of a random comment, we met at the NaNoWriMo kickoff party in Kirkland in November and then I stumbled across your blog (bodoni.mt on the nano site).

    You mentioned that you are part of a writing group locally? How is it, and are they open or closed? I find myself in desperate need of some advice on a couple stories and could use a set of eyes that aren’t mine or related to me and thus contractually obliged to tell me they’re wonderful. Google has been failing me in finding writing groups that appear to be actually actively functioning.

    And congratulations on your honorable mention! That’s fantastic.

    • Hey Shannon! Hope you’re doing well. I’m part of a local writing group that specializes in fantasy/sci-fi/horror stories, so if that’s your genre, we can probably help you out. We’re basically open at the moment– drop me an e-mail (thewanderingfool at gmail) and I can send you more info.

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