A Few Hours At Emerald City Comicon

It pains me to admit that, by and large, comic books are a gaping hole in my geek-cred. I’ve only bought a handful over the course of my life, and while I’ve certainly seen my share of comic book movies, in general I prefer my stories to be of the wordier variety.

But I still wanted to check out Emerald City Comicon. In part, it was only a ten-minute walk from my apartment. In another part, I hadn’t been to a comic convention before (except insofar as Dragon*Con has everything there), and I wanted to see how it compared. In a third part, it was an opportunity for cosplay photography.

Unfortunately, counterbalanced against all of those was the fact that for the past week I’ve been fighting the worst cold I’ve had in years. By Saturday I was feeling better, but I was still congested. So I set myself some ground rules (don’t shake hands with anyone… try not to breathe too close to anyone… be very careful about where you cough) and headed down to the Washington State Convention Center.

Despite my earlier comments, one type of comics that I do spend a lot of time reading is webcomics. So when I got there, my first stop was the Webcomics Weekly panel, starring Dave Kellett, Scott Kurtz, Kris Straub, and Brad Guigar. They’re an awesome group of guys, and their comics rock.

After that I walked around a bit. There were several artists in the exhibition area who I would have liked to have met, but I didn’t want to risk giving any of them my cold. So I mainly stuck with walking around, checking out some of the art on display, and taking pictures of costumes. The Washington State Convention Center is actually sort of a challenging place for photography– lots of different lighting conditions, running the gamut from darkened hallways to a variety of atrium-like settings, mean that you need to be fast with adjusting camera settings or you’re going to get a lot of photos that don’t come out. But there were plenty of good costumes that needed takin’ pictures of, so I gave it my best shot (no pun intended). The photos aren’t my greatest ever, but you can see the set here: Link

I had planned to stick around for the actual Masquerade, but after only a couple of hours, I was already starting to feel tired, so I headed out. All in all, it was a fun con, and would have been much more fun had I not been fighting a cold. Interestingly, there was much more of a family atmosphere here than a lot of cons I’ve been to– which can be both good and bad, but all in all it turned out all right.

Next up on the con list: Norwescon, in late April. Hopefully that should be enough time for me to finally get over this damn cold.

4 thoughts on “A Few Hours At Emerald City Comicon

  1. Have you been to the Comic-Con down here in San Diego? The one in your pictures didn’t look nearly as crowded. My SO took a ton of pics of the most awesome costumes. Of course they were all of chicks wearing tight bustieres and plunging necklines. Next time he brings his camera over, I will post them so you can take a gander.


    Actually came over here to check out your blog because of the story you posted at EDF. Was curious.

    • No, I haven’t been to the San Diego Comicon. I know it’s a heck of a lot bigger than the one here in Seattle, though. Maybe some year I’ll make it down there!

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