Egypt Part II: After the Violence

In my last entry, I posted the following link. It’s an Egyptian woman named Mona Seif, calling into a Speak-to-Tweet service which allowed people in Egypt to post voice messages to Twitter via phone after the regime cut off Internet service. If you haven’t listened to it, please do.

Voices from Egypt- Mona Seif

I thought the hope and determination in her voice was incredibly inspiring; she seemed to be speaking for a whole generation of young people, and indeed a whole nation, that yearned to be free. Above all, she was confident. She told the outside world not to worry, that she wasn’t scared, and there was tremendous optimism in her voice.

Just a few minutes ago, I found the following video on Youtube. I’m pretty sure it’s the same person, Mona Seif, trapped in Tahrir Square as Hosni Mubarak’s thugs turned a nonviolent protest into a battle, and a dream of freedom turned into a nightmare of brutality and gunfire.

I had previously said that at least Hosni Mubarak was no Saddam Hussein; in light of recent events, I have to retract that comment. Mubarak is just another evil dictator, cut from the same cloth. America has supported Mubarak in the past, for the sake of peace, but now we see how interested in “peace” Mubarak really is– he’s willing to turn a peaceful demonstration into a massacre, if it means he gets to stay in power just a few more months.

America and the rest of the world should do whatever it can to ensure that Mona Seif’s dream becomes a reality. The sooner the better.

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