Savoring the Seattle Sunshine

Seattle has a reputation for lots of rainy and overcast days, and over the past two months, I’ve learned that the reputation is pretty well-deserved. But the rain isn’t too bad; often you don’t even need an umbrella to be out in it. When it starts to get to you, though, is when you haven’t even seen blue sky in a week and a half. Or at least, that’s when it starts to get to me.

Over the past couple weeks, we’ve had one of those long overcast periods. So when I woke up to a day of Sun and a cloudless blue sky, I knew I wouldn’t be spending it inside in front of the computer. (Oh, the joys of setting your own schedule.) I packed up my camera and headed out to explore. Here’s some of my favorite pictures from the day’s wanderings. The first few are all from the same place, a watchtower in Volunteer Park at the top of Capitol Hill:

To the southwest, Downtown Seattle:

To the south, the silhouette of Mt. Rainier (looks windy):

To the east, Lake Washington, downtown Bellevue, and the Cascades towering in the distance:

To the West, a panorama of the Space Needle, Puget Sound, Queen Anne, and the Olympic Mountains:

After that, I checked out the Seattle Asian Art Museum and found the nearby Seattle Conservatory, which has about 1,200 species of flora on display.

An interesting flower/seed pod thingy:

A genetic hybrid apparently made from cacti and cheesy poofs:

After leaving the conservatory, I caught the bus back to my apartment, picked up some papers to mail, and then walked toward downtown and the waterfront.

Condos along the waterfront:

The Olympic Mountains, closer up:

A bird over the water:

The Sun setting over Bainbridge Island:

The Seattle waterfront at dusk:

Mt. Rainier in the glow of the sunset:

All in all, a good day…. I just have to find some way to make up the work time.

Eh, I’ll just do it on the next cloudy day. I probably won’t have to wait long. The full Flickr set, for those of you interested, is here.