Road Trip Day 11: Mapless Near Seattle

Early in the afternoon of Day 11, I finally arrived in Seattle. It was a gray, overcast day, the kind for which Seattle is famous– although it wasn’t actually raining. The final two hundred miles was uneventful, except for the part where I lost the directions I had written down (there were a few zigs and zags across various rural highways), and was unable to get a signal on my cell phone to recover said directions. So for about an hour I had to guess my way down the road, but it turned out all right. I didn’t even make any wrong turns.

The final stretch was through the pine forests of the Pacific Northwest, and up Highway 101 (the Pacific Coast Highway) for a large chunk of the time. It was beautiful, dense forest, dark green speckled with the occasional burst of autumn yellow. The forest here has a totally different feel than the forest on the east coast, and I’m already looking forward to hiking in it.

The last hour of so of the drive passed through a string of cities: Olympia, Tacoma, and then Seattle, with downtown and Puget Sound finally materializing in the distance. I’m staying in an extended-stay hotel (basically a month-to-month apartment) near the Space Needle; hopefully after a month I’ll have a permanent place, and in the meantime I can get a much better feel for the city and its neighborhoods.

So, I made it. It was one heck of a trip: eleven days, ten hotel rooms, countless cities, snow, rain, wind, and plenty of sun too. There was heat, cold, one and a half long audiobooks, plenty of caffeine, a herd of cows, a herd of bison, and a herd of… I’m not sure. It ranged from the top of the Sears Tower, to the Mississippi River, to the Yellowstone caldera.

Still, I have little doubt that the hard part lies ahead. Getting to a new city? Even moving across the country, that part is pretty easy, compared to making that city your home. But I’m optimistic. I’m posting this after having spent a few days in Seattle, and I’m already loving it. I’ve been to four coffee shops in four days (and I don’t even drink that much coffee!), and am slowly learning my way around the complicated-but-convienent bus and trolley system. I’ve been walking quite a bit, too. I love having so many things in walking distance (or a short bus ride) from where I live, and even the infamous Seattle rain has been little more than an occasional nuisance.

So in conclusion, here’s a picture of the Seattle waterfront that I took on Friday. From where I’m standing, I think I’m going to like it here– but I have a strong hunch that the real adventure is just beginning.

One thought on “Road Trip Day 11: Mapless Near Seattle

  1. What a great photo! It could be a postcard of Seattle. Well guy, just get yourself all settled and make sure you have a visiting spot for your mama. I was looking at the map of the US I had up in my office to track your trip and see you in Seattle, Charlie in NYC, Sue in Florida and me in NC. Could we be more spread out? At least Bob and Linda are within a couple of hours.

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