T-Minus One Week

So, seven days to the Big Move. Seven days in which to wrap up my job, pack up my now-much-reduced belongings, and say good-bye to family and friends. In the meantime, I’d also like to polish my resume, finish a story for my writing group tomorrow, run various miscellaneous errands, and oh yeah, I still need to find a place to live in Seattle.

Yes, it’s chaotic and crazy and disorganized, but I’m okay with that. This whole enterprise is, well, not exactly a whim, but it is kind of a middle-finger-raised “up yours” directed at the banality of daily life. So in the spirit of embracing change, I’m prepared to fly by the seat of my pants for a while… even though I’m pretty sure it frightens my family and some of my friends.

One thing I’ve found, which has added to the level of chaos in my life, is that change begets change. Once your mindset shifts, and you’re willing to do one big thing to pursue your goals (like moving across the country), suddenly you find the courage to pursue other dreams and long-suppressed interests that have gathered dust on the shelf. As a result, in September I completed a free introductory course in Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, with a possible eye toward advanced training. I’ve always wanted to shift my career away from Software Engineering, and hypnosis is a field that utterly fascinates me… could it be an option until the theoretical day when I can support myself as a writer? Maybe. After all, it’s not like the two aren’t linked. (I really should do a blog entry on storytelling and hypnosis.)

I also had my first-ever photo shoot with a professional model, and have been teaching myself to do photo editing with GIMP (the open-source answer to Photoshop). This deserves its own blog entry too.

However, for now, blogging has taken a back seat on the list of priorities– most likely to pick back up again during my drive to Seattle. This week has been dedicated to packing and good-byes.

One thought on “T-Minus One Week

  1. Hi Andy, I like the sound of your novel and your blog looks really cool. You clearly enjoy exercising your creativity in lots of different ways.

    I noticed your interest in storytelling and hypnosis. There is surprisingly little really useful information out there on the subject but I came across this dissertation written in 1994.

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    It’s a subject close to my heart and I talk about it more on my website.

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