Short Story Posted on Hennen’s Observer

I recently submitted a short story to a site called Hennen’s Observer. It’s sort of a combination of newspaper and literary magazine, publishing a mix of factual articles, short stories, and poetry. Every month, the best web submissions are compiled in the print publication, and if a story or poem makes the print publication, the author is paid professional rates.

Hennen’s Observer is somewhat unusual in that you can read all the submitted stories online, regardless of whether or not they get published. So if you want to read my contribution, you can. It’s called “Storytellers”, and it’s here: Link

It’s one of the most personal stories I’ve ever written. It deals fairly overtly in religion, but I’d like to think that its appeal is independent of any specific faith. When I wrote it a couple of years ago, I was struggling to come to terms with my own beliefs, and basically it’s an exploration of one possible idea of God.

I don’t know yet if “Storytellers” will make the print publication. If it does, I will naturally be posting about it here, probably in ecstatic terms.