Reactions to the Frog-in-a-Pepsi-Can Story

I’m a news junkie, and occasionally I notice a story I’d rather not have seen, like this one:

FDA says residue is frog or toad; how did it get in Pepsi can?

(Be sure to click on the link and get grossed out by the picture.)

Anyway, the remains of a frog somehow got into a can of Diet Pepsi, which some poor guy had the misfortune to try and drink while he was grilling in his backyard on an otherwise-pleasant afternoon. Pepsi is, like any good corporation, trying to weasel out of being blamed, and the guy’s family is hopping mad. (Har!)

When I first saw this story posted by a friend on Facebook, I thought of about five different smart-aleck reactions, which I couldn’t fit in the little Facebook text, so I’m posting ’em here. Commenters on Wonkette’s daily news round-up came up with some more, so I’m posting my favorite Reactions to the Frog-in-a-Pepsi-can story. (If you can think of some more to pull it up from 8 to an even Top 10, feel free to post ’em).

-This is just further evidence that Coke > Pepsi.

-Diet Pepsi: Now with all-natural ingredients.


-I don’t see why the guy got all mad at Pepsi just because he had a frog in his throat.

-They should sue for false advertising. I’m pretty sure that can of Diet Pepsi had more than zero calories.

-It’s actually part of the “Drink Pepsi, Get Stuff” campaign. Just with really disgusting stuff.

-Diet Pepsi: Now Fortified with extra protein.

-Sadly, Michigan J. Frog’s career as a Pepsi mascot was cut short in a tragic industrial accident.

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