Dragon*Con Coming Up!

Over Labor Day weekend I’ll be driving down to Atlanta to check out Dragon*Con, which is by far the largest sci-fi/fantasy convention I’ve ever been to. Potential celebrity highlights include:

Adam Savage
-Leonard Nimoy, aka DJ Spock
Terry Gilliam
Patrick Stewart
Ron Glass
-and William Shatner, among many, many others. (Is it too much to hope that William Shatner does some Sarah Palin-style beat poetry?)

Dragon*Con is large enough that it takes place simultaneously at four hotels, with a couple of dozen different event tracks available, including writing, gaming, costuming, science, comics, science fiction, robotics, and many others. The writing track looks most interesting to me (a lot of notable authors will be there, of whom my favorite is probably Peter Beagle), but I’ll probably be wandering all over the place, checking out the concourse, the events, the costumes, meeting people, and just seeing what there is to see.

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